Vonn Weisenberger is a multidisciplinary designer in New York City. His infectious enthusiasm and energy makes him a catalyst for empowering teams and completing successful design projects.

Vonn specializes in architecture, graphic design, strategy, and project management. As a senior designer for Pure+Applied (NYC), Vonn utilizes his wide range of skills to impact all areas of design, from concept to construction. He has made significant contributions to a range of projects in the areas of master planning, architecture and interiors, exhibitions, furniture, signage and wayfinding, and print and digital graphics. Most recently, he served on the Pure+Applied team to complete the Library of Congress Visitor Experience Master Plan (2019, pending Congressional approval).

Vonn focuses on civic and cultural projects for the public good, practicing design that empowers diverse audiences to explore vital stories, create and activate meaningful spaces, and enrich community life. He combines his expertise and enthusiasm with a deep appreciation for the importance of working collaboratively, developing project- and site-specific solutions, and achieving excellence.

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