Pinckney Community Garden

A downtown community garden and gathering space that makes use of salvaged and reused materials.


The new Pinckney Community Garden makes use of a long-vacant lot in downtown Pinckney, Michigan. The lot was previously home to a bowling alley that burned down, with a foundation that was never fully demolished, so the design makes use of raised garden beds, planters, and new gravel and paved walkways. The garden would feature signage and QR codes linking visitors to social media, gardening and plant information, and nearby markets, gardens and events. 

In addition to garden beds, the site features additional planters and structures for pollinator plants, bird houses, and bug hotels to promote a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem. The design incorporates several material salvage and reuse strategies, including garden beds made from old lumber, a shade canopy made from scaffolding components, and planters made from galvanized culvert pipe. The canopy structure provides shade to a large central area for gathering and events, walkways, and also provides a surface for signage and vertical trellises for climbing plants.

The project was created as a proposal for the Consumers Energy "Put Your Town On The Map" competition, where it was awarded second place and $15,000 of initial funding.

Pinckney, MI


Landscape, Planning




The Village of Pinckney

Second Place, Consumers  Energy “Put Your Town On The Map” competition

The Livingston Post
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The primary entry from Main Street features signage with QR codes and custom furniture with built-in planters made from reclaimed materials.



The canopy structure provides shade over walkways and the garden's central gathering space, and supports trellis structures at each garden bed for climbing plants.

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